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Lazure Workshop

Lazure Workshop

Lazure Workshop

Lazure Workshop

For more information about Lazure Workshops, please call Charles at 970.948.8056 or e-mail him at

If you are unable to attend a Lazure painting workshop or have Charles Andrade personally Lazure for you, we offer an alternative instructional opportunity for bringing Lazure into your home with the personal assistance and advice of Master Lazurist, Charles Andrade. Details

Past Lazure Painting Workshops

The Center for Anthroposophy, Wilton, NH; Green Meadow Waldorf School, Chestnut Ridge, NY; Desert Sky Community SWorkshop photochool, Tucson, AZ; Tuscon Waldorf School, Tucson, AZ; Waldorf School of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork, Basalt, CO; San Diego Waldorf School, San Diego, CA; Washington Waldorf School, Washington, DC; Austin Waldorf School, Austin, TX; Halton Waldorf School, Toronto; and many more.

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About Our Lazure Workshops

Learn the unique European wall glazing technique called Lazure Painting
In just one weekend you'll be able to bring beautiful light-filled color to any room in your home or business. One of the uniquely distinguishing features of the Lazure painting method is its application within a group context. In this busy culture of intense specialization, there aren't many opportunities where business or community groups can come together to create something of lasting beauty within their respective working or community environments.

Lazure Painting is mildly aerobic and certainly fun to share with friends and family as together you'll bring the expansive, enriching and light-filled beauty of the rainbow into your home or workplace. Participants will need to wear appropriate painting attire (loose pants, comfortable shirt and gym shoes), and a notebook or recording device are encouraged to take down important procedural and technical information. As a unique social art form, Lazure Painting is taught as a team effort.

Lazure Painting: A New Social Art Form
Lazure Custom Wall Designs offers weekend and week-long workshops in the Lazure Painting technique to communities throughout the United States and Canada. Offered as a group activity, participants work with each other as a team, coordinating their efforts in bringing the beauty of light-filled, translucent color to their shared community spaces. In this instance Lazure Painting acts as a new social art form, bringing a much needed community activity that modern life so desperately needs. The benefits of such workshops go beyond the instruction of the group and into the community in general, as viewers of the finished lazured spaces also take pleasure in the richness of the interior spaces they share with one another. It often happens that after the workshop, members will agree to get together and lazure each other's homes, further spreading the beauty and ensouling richness of Lazure color into their communities.

The workshops begin with a Friday evening talk on "Color Psychology for The Home," followed by a slideshow of completed Lazure work and ending with a brief demonstration of the Lazure technique on a prepared surface. Questions and answers are taken at the end of the demonstration. Saturday and Sunday (9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) are devoted to the work of lazuring the interior spaces that have been previously prepared for the weekend's activity. A sketch of the space to be lazured will be presented by Charles Andrade.

Shared potluck lunches are encouraged on these days to further allow participants to get to know one another as team members. For approximately one hour after lunch, Mr. Andrade addresses the group with further insights into the technique and answers any questions that come from the days' activities. The remainder of the afternoon is devoted to the Lazure work.

Advanced Lazure Workshops

Lazure Custom Wall Designs offers Advanced Lazure Color Theory workshops to participants who have had  prior experience with the basic lazure technique. Whereas Lazure Custom Wall Designs Beginner lazure course is taught in groups and experienced as a social artform, the advanced workshops are taught as a studio course. Participants work individually on paper and panel as they grapple with the various color harmonies and principles of color knowledge necessary to enter into the luminous world of color that is so unique to Lazure wallpainting. Color exercises are very structured in the beginning but gradually lead to more individual artistic interpretation of course material. Students leave the workshop with a working knowledge of the properties of color and basic color harmonies and combinations. Various lazure painting techniques and finishes are demonstrated throughout the weekend and, time permitting, muralesque applications of the lazure technique are explored.

If you would like more information on Lazure workshops or would like to become a local coordinator of a Lazure painting workshop, please contact Charles Andrade at or call him at 970-948-8056.

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